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Covemore Designs provides a comprehensive restoration service for premium furniture brands such as Parker Furniture, Chiswell, Fler, Van Treight, Tessa, Jackson and many more.

Our restoration services range from re-upholstery and re-polishing, to replacement of webbing straps, reglueing of joints and even fashioning new parts such as new chair legs. Your furniture will be returned to you as if it were a new piece of furniture!

Your existing dining chairs will be transformed from sitting in the chair to sitting on the chair once more, by replacing old rubber webbing and foam with new, re-tensioned straps and high resilience foam, all to original Parker standards. If your timber is looking tired, scratched or marked, then it can be sanded back, re-stained, and repolished to as new condition.

Covemore Designs ensures that any manufacturing stamps or stickers are to be preserved with the utmost care. In addition, we are able to manufacture and match your original Parker Furniture.

We have all the original specifications, and many of our manufacturing team originally worked for Parker Furniture.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and customer satisfaction, all our work comes with a 5 year guarantee on all workmanship.



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  • 01_Strip_and_repolish_Before
  • 02_Strip_and_repolish_After
  • 03_Re-upholster_Before
  • 04_Re-upholster_After
  • 05_Re-upholster_Before
  • 06_Re-upholster_After
  • 07_Strip_and_repolish_Before
  • 08_Strip_and_ repolish_After
  • 09_Replacement_of_plinth_Before
  • 10_Replacement_of_plinth_After
  • 11_Strip_and_repolish_Before
  • 12_Strip_and_repolish_After
  • 13_Reupholstery
  • 14_Reupholsery
  • 15_Reupholstery_Strip_and_repolish
  • 16_Reupholstery_Strip_and_repolish
  • 17_Reupholstery
  • 18_Reupholstery
  • 19Reupholstery_and_modification
  • 20Reupholstery_and_Modification
  • 21_Reupholstery_and_Modification
  • 22_Reupholstery_and_Modification
  • 24_Reupholstery
  • 24_Reupholsteryb
  • 25_Reupholstery
  • 26_Reupholstery
  • 27Reupholstery
  • 28Reupholstery

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